Aggregator Program

SMS Aggregator Programs

Whilst revenue is crucial to a billing Aggregator’s success, risking your connection and relationship with the carriers is something else. Striking the right balance between revenue, risk and workload is what is important.

The potential stress that can be put on your carrier relationship and those who handle the customer service, complaints or subscription cancellation requests by rogue or non-compliant content providers is significant.

Further, it can be a challenge to convince overseas content providers that complying with a country code of practice is a necessity to ensure consistent revenue, and that regulations and policing in respect of customer care, are thorough. offers billing aggregators a number of solutions for effectively outsourcing helpdesk activities, which allow you to stay in touch with end-users without the hassle of running your own call centre.

And finally, running a help desk and giving away refunds is something anyone can do. The difference is that at Carrier Billing Desk, will keep both you and your content provider’s interest in mind – doing business and making money.

Affiliate Program

For further information about our affiliate program, please get in touch via our contact form. We look forward to discussing with you how partnering with will be of benefit to you.

White Labels

Is your technical department fielding customer care inquiries for your content providers? can seamlessly integrate our compliant call centre into your environment, so that you can offer your content providers an all-in-one package and you stay on top of your business. For more details, please use our contact form to get in touch with one of our representatives.