Premium services in Singapore

Like in many other countries telecommunication providers offer premium services in Singapore. These services enable consumers to pay for services and products via their (mobile) phone bill. Mostly these payments are used in the micro payment segment.

Due to their short existence on the market, charges related premium services in Singapore often confuse the end user.

Add to that confusion the complexity and limitations of what is allowed on premium services in Singapore and consumer protection laws. And whilst we’re at it, what about the regulations regarding marketing, consumer and telecommunications?

Singaporians are also very vocal consumers: a mistake is easily made and might severely damage your brand. Worst case is that the regulator completely eliminates your offer or brand.

Carrier Billing Desk offers specialised help desk (outsourced business solutions) in a number of English speaking countries. We provide you with an out of the box solution that takes care of your telephony and email enquiries. Alternatively we built a custom solution for your premium services in Singapore offering.

Since our agents exclusively work in the Premium Services space, they have encountered every possible scenario, service or complaint.

Whether your offering games, in-app purchases, trivia, coupon services, SMS parking meter service or concert tickets. A short brief summit up your service and some marketing examples will be sufficient to set your dedicated team up.

Our teams work according a standardized and refined proven successful methodical approach (see here for more information). Each enquiry is handled by informing the end user what occurred and what to do to avoid repeats.

Only if specifically asked, our agents talk about refunds. Since they talk to an independent 3rd party agent, consumers accept negotiations on refunds more easily.

Our methodology and setup result in lower refund costs as well as a protection of your brand in the market. We make sure that escalations to the telecommunications carrier or authorities are addressed before they even start.

Our agents handle your emails and calls 24/7, weekdays or during office hours only. It depends on the risk analysis that we make together as well as any additional requests that you might have.

Continuous training, a propriety state of the art platform combined with vast experience, ensure that your brand is in the very best professional hands.

Besides our standard solution for your premium helpdesk, we also offer bespoke solutions tailored to your needs, such as an integration with your current systems.