Customer Service that Manages Risks & Refunds

Depending on your sector or service, unhappy and unreasonable customers often form an unfortunate side effect of offering a service in the premium or value added services space.

When unhappy customers call your customer service platform, they are often loud and very well voiced, know exactly what buttons to push, and in the case of escalation, mostly receive the benefit of the doubt from carriers, regulators or compliance bodies. Even under circumstances when they have been proven to be absolutely wrong or even caught outright lying! Simple rule of thumb: the more developed a country, the better informed complainants you will receive.

A portion of your customers will pretend not to understand that your services need to be paid for, and on the other hand that same customer may be very well educated with regards to their (consumer and general) rights. In the case of foreign/overseas based premium services content providers, the local customer is regularly better informed and capable of creating substantial problems for that provider’s business.

Therefore, it is imperative that companies offering premium services to end-users, have a well-managed and balanced refund/risk strategy; the latter will limit potential losses or reputation damage. It may even assist in customer retention.

When you partner with we will make an inventory of your needs and expectations as well as formulating the right policies when it comes to what action is required under any given circumstance. This is provided within a framework of providing optimum, continuous revenue streams for your premium services.

A partnership with means you will have certainty that unsatisfied customers will have their grievances handled in a professional, damage controlling environment that has the right priorities and objectives. will help you devise a customer service strategy that strikes the right balance between risk and refund.