24/7 Client Centric Customer Care

CarrierBillingDesk.com operates globally based customer care teams (operating from Australia, United Kingdom and Asia). Staff are carefully selected and receive ongoing training and monitoring, This ensures consistently high standards. At the moment we provide customer care services for Premium Services in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore and Philippines.

Before a team member is assigned to your services, they receive rigorous training in your products and services. This is in addition to a foundation of knowledge in customer handling, satisfaction, billing inquiries, premium products as well as technical inquiries. The provision of customer care can be tailor made to suit your needs, services and instructions.

You can rest assured that every incoming call will be answered promptly and within the regulatory time-frame. For calls outside of business hours, CarrierBillingDesk.com offers a call back service which can be requested on our state of the art automated system.

In recent years there has been an industry shift towards agent’s working purely on scripts and not understanding the actual products and services. We believe, and have proven, that our customer care team is able to provide an unparalleled customer experience, because of the right training and the agent’s ability to assess each case individually. On top of that, technically we guarantee optimum call quality with no drop outs or distracting ambient noises, by using premium internet and geographic call solutions.

CarrierBillingDesk.com offers an additional monitoring program designed to assess your company’s reputation. Feedback is reported to you at regular intervals and allows you to keep in touch with your brand’s value as well as keep ahead of potential issues with end-users.