Call Centre Helpdesk Services is a pioneer in the premium services industry, providing superior customer care solutions for you and your customers. We offer support, market leading IVR systems, escalation/risk management and tailor-made refund strategies appropriate for your products and services. All inquiries are taken via our propriety owned and developed cloud based and managed call centre. is the only customer care solution developed specifically for the Premium Services Industry (Premium SMS, Carrier Direct Billing and VAS/IVR market). Our services are used by telecoms carriers, aggregators, information (IP) & service providers (ISP), as well as content providers offering a diverse range of products and services.

Worldwide, telecommunications authorities are introducing more and more rigid sets of regulations that govern advertising, marketing, content and customer complaint handling for services distributed via premium or value added mechanisms.

Our aim is to assist you in navigating the rules and regulations by providing market leading customer care solutions, brand protection and complaint resolutions in light of your premium services activity.

It only takes one customer complaint handled incorrectly or outside the stipulated time-frames to face immediate suspension, which could result in thousands of dollars of potential revenue losses. For example in Australia there have been several notable examples, where ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority) has ordered the indefinite suspension of some highly successful premium SMS marketing campaigns. Further information may be found in the News & Resources section of this website.

By partnering with your customers will receive a genuine, geographically appropriate source of assistance. We aim to meet and exceed your business objectives by focusing on customer retention, identifying and managing risks, minimising escalations and providing the most appropriate refund strategy for your product.

All packages are 100% compliant with local standards and regulations and are designed to exceed customer expectations, offer transparency and deliver the most technologically advanced solution for the PSMS market today.